What is Blaseball?

Blaseball is baseball at your mercy, or in other words a real-time baseball (adjacent) simulator with fictional teams and players that we as fans can vote to change, via changing rules, team lineups, and player stats. As of current, there are 24 teams that can be chosen, and almost all the players on a given team will have some form of community-developed lore. That lore isn't necessarily canon, as Blaseball doesn't have a "canon" outside the site itself and the Blaseball twitter accounts (BLASEBALL COMMISSIONER, The Microphone, and Lōotcrates), and while there are commonly accepted interpretations of players, especially popular ones, the community tends to be welcoming to ideas that don't necessarily match those. Blaseball has a community based around rooting for the teams, making lore and art for the players, and even making fan music and fan merch.